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Our team members have years of clinical training experience, and a passion to learn more about how to manage chronic disease through exercise.

Each of our team members has received a bachelor’s degree or more along with required American College of Sport’s Medicine nationally leading certifications, including ACSM Exercise Physiologist and ACSM/ACS Cancer Exercise Trainer.

We are well qualified and excited to work with you on your journey to recovery.

Our Team Members

Ben Stein profile image

Ben Stein, M.S., EP- C, EIM2

Exercise Physiologist

ACSM Cancer Exercise Trainer

Ben started his exercise science education in 2007 where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Metropolitan State University, followed by a Master of Science Degree from Boise State University, Exercise Physiology 2012.

Ben started his Exercise Physiology career in 2012 at St. Luke’s Cancer Insititute in Boise, ID.  As the Lead Exercise Physiologist – Expert for the Integrative Medicine Strength and Conditioning Program Stein was responsible for preparing and conduction exercise testing and exercise program design. Over the course of his career, Stein worked with hundreds of cancer survivorship (prostate, breast, blood, endometrial, ovarian, digestive, and lymphatic cancer). 

Stein’s greatest passion is working for functional restoration while improving the quality of life outcomes for those affected by cancer. Employed at an award-winning cancer treatment center Stein realized that greater restorative measures could be implemented to improve the functional independence and quality of life for those affected by cancer, (pre, during, and post-cancer treatment) and he set his focus on a rehabilitation program development outside of hospital physical therapy.